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Top tips on choosing the perfect AC for your home

The air conditioner that is installed by Clement Marchand Natural Gas Services Ltd. for your Ottawa home

As temperatures start rising after the end of the winter, homeowners quickly shift from worrying about their heating needs to focusing on air conditioning options for their homes.

But how can you choose the air conditioner that best fits your needs in Ottawa? This blog shares valuable tips to help you make the right decision on what AC to buy, considering all your needs and preferences. Let’s look at some important factors. 

What Are the Types of Air Conditioners You Can Get?

Before worrying about brands, it is important to understand the difference between the different types of air conditioning, as each one offers distinct advantages. Let’s look at the types of AC and understand their differences.

  • Central Air Conditioners  Central air conditioners are a popular choice for whole-house cooling. They distribute cool air through your home's ducts and can be very efficient for large places, as they can cool different rooms at the same time. However, the installation process can be longer, especially if your home needs ductwork. 

  • Ductless AC  If your home does not have pre-installed ductwork and you do not want to install a central air conditioner, then ductless units may be the best option for you. They are easier to install and are perfect for individuals who only need specific rooms to be cooled during hot weather conditions. However, these units take up some space inside, which is not the case with central air conditioners.

  • Window-Mounted and Wall-Mounted AC Window-Mounted and Wall-Mounted air conditioners are compact, considerably more affordable solutions for cooling single rooms or smaller spaces. They can be installed on the walls or windows of your home and are ideal for those who don't need a large area to be cooled and are looking for a cheaper solution to cope with hot temperatures. 

  • Portable Air Conditioners If you are looking for an affordable, portable unit that requires no installation and can even be moved around your home, portable air conditioners might be the choice for you. However, to blow the hot air out, they come with a large exhaust hose that is typically placed on windows or open doors, which makes them less practical than other AC options.

Size and Efficiency 

Just like heating systems, it is important to understand power and efficiency when investing in a new AC unit for your home. Your air conditioner's horsepower is usually measured in BTU, and generally speaking, the calculation is done considering 30 BTU to 60 BTU per square foot of room area. 

However, it is important to understand that the type of air conditioner you buy will also affect its efficiency, so BTUs are not the only thing to consider. For instance, even though central air conditioners are not as affordable as wall-mounted units, they are usually more efficient in controlling the overall temperature of your home. This might result in less expensive energy bills at the end of the month. On the other hand, if you only want to cool a small specific room in your home, smaller and cheaper options might get the job done.

Looking For an Air Conditioner in Ottawa?

Now that you have learned more about the different types of air conditioners, why not take the next step?

If you live in Ottawa and are concerned about the upcoming hot summer temperatures, Clement Marchand is here for you. Our experienced team can help you choose the ideal AC to enjoy your home time with the cool and fresh air you’ve always wanted.

Fill in the form, and let us help you get a quote for all your cooling needs!


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