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Energy-Efficient Boilers in Ottawa

In Eastern Ontario, temperatures can be pretty low during the winter, and your home should be a source of comfort and warmth during these cold months. Don't wake up and come home to a cold house - be proactive and order a new energy-efficient furnace from Ottawa’s Clement Marchand today!


We are proud to also offer furnace repair and maintenance among our other heating services.


A boiler is an appliance in your home that heats water into hot water or steam that is then distributed throughout your home in pipes through different ways, such as radiators or radiant floor systems, to heat your home. Once the water temperature drops, it goes back to the boiler to reheat.

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Chaudière de chauffage pour le chauffage domestique au gaz

Differences Between Boilers and Furnaces

Some people use the word "boiler" interchangeably with "furnace" when talking about heating in their home, but there's a big difference – instead of water, furnaces heat air and then push it through vents to distribute warmth throughout your home. Another difference between the two is that boilers can separate your home into different zones with their thermostats to heat where you are and not the whole house. Boilers and furnaces are similar in that they can be powered by various energy sources, such as electricity, oil, and natural gas.

Benefits of Having a Boiler in Your Home

When it comes to heating your home in Ottawa, there are several benefits to choosing a boiler, such as:


  • Use less energy to heat your home, saving energy and money. They provide consistent heat throughout your home. You can heat only the rooms you use. They are low-maintenance: no filters to change or clean, will not dry out the air in your home and will not spread allergens or dust.


Boiler Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of your boiler depends on several things, such as its age. Due to technological changes and wear and tear, older boilers will not be as efficient as modern ones. Today's boilers are incredibly efficient, ensuring that, most of all, fuel goes directly to heating your home. If you spend way too much during the winter to heat your home, it may be time to replace your boiler. Call the experts at Clement Marchand Natural Gas Services Ltd., and we'll take a look and give you some suggestions and changes you can implement.

Trust the Experts

Clement Marchand Natural Gas Services Ltd. offers professional service and installation of boilers in Ottawa and throughout the National Capital Region. We've been servicing and installing boilers for nearly 50 years - talk to our experienced team about the best option for heating your home.


We also offer 24-hour emergency service. Simply call 613-745-0808 - our team is ready to solve your emergency situation!


Contact us today to repair or install your furnace in Ottawa or fill out our contact form for more information!

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