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Tips on choosing the right heat pump for your home

The heat pumps that are installed by Clement Marchand Natural Gas Services Ltd. for your Ottawa home

If you have recently been looking for efficient ways of cooling and heating your home, you have probably come across heat pumps and their different variations. 

But what are heat pumps, and why are they so advantageous compared to other heating and cooling systems? What types of heat pumps are out there, and what are the differences? In this post, we are going to share valuable tips you need to know when choosing the best heat pump for your home.

What Are Heat Pumps?

An air source heat pump is a system that transfers heat between your home and the outside air. In winter, it extracts heat from the external air to warm your home, and in the summer, it reverses the process, removing heat from your home to cool it down. In contrast with air conditioners and furnaces, heat pumps provide both heating and cooling in a single appliance, providing efficiency and versatility for homeowners who choose this system.

What Are the Types of Heat Pumps? 

When it comes to air-source heat pumps, there are generally three main types, each with distinctive characteristics. The type of heat pump you choose will depend on your budget and cooling and heating needs.

  • Central Heat Pumps If you are looking for efficiency and practicality, central heat pumps might be your ideal choice. Integrated with the ductwork of your place, they provide cooling and heating for your entire home, making it easier to achieve a uniform indoor temperature throughout the day. These systems can also improve air quality, as they often include advanced filtration.  

  • Mini-Split Heat Pump Mini-split heat pumps don’t require ductwork to be installed. They are ideal for people who are planning to heat a specific part of the house. They consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that heats the room where it is installed. If you are looking for a more affordable heating solution, mini-split heat pumps might be the ideal choice for you. 

  • Multi-Split Heat Pump Multi-split systems are similar to mini-splits but allow the connection of multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. This allows you to manage the temperature of different rooms better, as each indoor unit can be controlled separately. If you are looking for a ductless way of heating and cooling your home but still want to manage temperatures in multiple rooms, multi-split heat pumps could be a smart choice.

What to Consider When Choosing a Heat Pump 

When choosing a heat pump, the first thing to consider is your home size and layout. If you live in a big place and want to have the possibility of heating and cooling in every area, you must choose between multi-split or central heat pumps. 

Your choice then will depend on your budget and whether your home is equipped with ductwork. However, if you want a more practical solution for managing the temperature of a single room in your home, a mini split heat pump can get the job done for a more affordable price.

Efficient Heat Pumps in Ottawa

Are you looking for practical and efficient solutions for cooling and heating your home? Clement Marchand has got you covered.

Whether trying to warm your home in the winter or cool your house during hot summer days, our team can provide you with reliable heat pump products and services in Ottawa. 

Fill in the form and get a quote! Let us help you get the comfort your home deserves!


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