Triangle Tube

Smart Multi Energy Tank

The SME "HybridTank" is ideal for Solar and Ground Source Heat Pump Applications

Triangle Tube’s Smart Multi-Energy Tank (SME) is the only one of its kind. The SME features a corrugated stainless steel storage tank/heat exchanger suspended within a carbon steel tank. There is also a secondary heat exchanger coil located in the primary water at the bottom of the unit. The large heating surface area and large volume of primary water (stored energy) in the SME tank not only ensures high domestic hot water performance, but also ensures that all energy from your renewable source is absorbed in the tank, reducing fuel bills and carbon emissions.

The SME features 2” of water blown foam insulation with a standby heat loss of less than 1° per hour.

Product Overview

• Ideal for Solar and Geothermal
• Secondary Heat Exchanger
• Exclusive "Tank-in-Tank" Design
• Self Cleaning/Self Descaling
• Stainless Steel Construction
• 2" of Water Blown Foam Installation
• Available Models: 60, 80 and 120
• Ten Year Residential Warrant