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Get a Power Generator for Uninterrupted Electricity in Ottawa

Clement Marchand Natural Gas Services Ltd. has the expertise to install a power generator for your home in Ottawa so that you and your family can enjoy uninterrupted power even when the power goes out! Backup power generators usually run on gas and are great for keeping your home lit up when electricity is cut from your home. For rural areas that experience power outages or if you want to be prepared in an emergency, our team will take the time to understand your needs and suggest a suitable power unit for your home and lifestyle. Contact us to speak with our experts and get a quote.

Types of Power Generators

We can provide and install any kind of power generator for your home or building. You can pick from the following types:

Portable generators
These are common among campers and homeowners because they are convenient, affordable, and portable. They are easy to start and can be ready to use, powered by gas or propane. They can support kitchen appliances, power tools, lights, phones, and other devices based on the make and model.

Standby generators
Standby generators run on propane or natural gas and can be automatically started when needed and turned off after use. They come in many sizes and are usually permanently installed as part of your house’s power supply to cover essential circuits or power your whole house.

Call us to discuss your needs with our team. We can advise a suitable product for you and are also happy to provide reliable and efficient installation services.

Benefits of Installing Power Generators

By installing a backup power supply in your home, you can protect electronics and appliances from voltage fluctuations and surges in electricity. In Ottawa, backup power generators are a good addition to any home or building as they:

  • Keep away floods with a sump pump backup

  • Preserve frozen food with backup power

  • Keep the AC on without power

  • Help enjoy fully charged devices and wifi in a blackout

  • Keep your security cameras, garage doors, and lighting on

Keep Your Home Running with Reliable Power Backup

We can help you select the ideal type and size of power generator to keep your home comfy and cozy throughout the year!

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