Rheos Hydronic Boiler

The Rheos smart boiler / water heater is a breakthrough in commercial heating system design. Now, for the first time, engineers and heating contractors can choose a single high-efficiency, low-cost system for commercial installations requiring up to 2.4 million BTU/hour. Plus, the Rheos features the highest density and smallest footprint available, so it takes up far less floor space. In fact, it's so compact, it can fit through a standard 3'-0" doorway.


• Modulating proportional firing control system, 50-100% (25-100% as option)
• All waterways are copper or glass-lined
• Low-water cutoff with test light and manual reset button
• Manual reset high-limit
• High gas pressure switch
• Low gas pressure switch
• Air pressure switch
• Water flow switch
• Vertical or horizontal venting options (Category IV)
• Pump time delay
• Low-fire start time delay
• 160 Ib. w.p. heat exchanger
• 75 psi pressure relief valve (boiler)
• 125 psi pressure relief valve (water heater)
• Temperature and pressure gauge
• Low water volume heat exchanger
• Washable combustion air filter
• Dry alarm contacts
• Diagnostic and status indicator lights
• Easy seismic securing
• Selector switch for internal or external (0-10 VDC) control
• Weatherproof jacket for outdoor installations