Mighty Therm2 Hydronic Boiler

The Mighty Therm2 has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the replacement market by offering simple and straightforward controls with 2-stage firing.

Mighty Therm2 boilers and water heaters feature a convenient, modular construction that separates the burner trays, gas train, and blower assembly. All models use lightweight insulation, glass-lined cast iron or bronze headers, and non-ferrous waterways. The 10 tube heat exchanger design uses finned tubing for the quickest and most efficient heat transfer..


• Applications for hydronic heating or domestic hot water
• 85% Combustion efficiency, 84% Thermal efficiency
• NOx below 10 ppm
• 2-Stage firing
• Immune to thermal shock down to 30°F
• Operates in altitudes up to 10,000 feet
• Ambient temperatures from -40°F to +140°F
• Tolerant of glycol systems
• Waterways able to operate in a maximum water hardness of 17 gpg
• Hydronic models supply temps from 130°F to 240°F
• Volume water heater models supply temps from 130°F to 200°F
• Gas supply right or left side (field convertible)
• Maintains efficiency and low NOx levels at low and high fire
• Optional factory-mounted pump sized for heat exchanger, 30 feet of pipe and 3 elbows total pressure drop
• Fan-assisted combustion system
• 120vac, 60 Hz single phase power
• External staging control connections
• May be ordered with left or right-hand piping connection