5 DIY furnace maintenance tips you can do today

Just like any other major appliance, your residential and commercial furnace needs routine maintenance to operate at peak performance. Keep reading to learn five quick and easy furnace repair and maintenance tips you can do yourself to ensure your furnace is running in top condition no matter how cold it gets in Ottawa.

1. Clean up
Keep the area around your furnace clean and free from debris. Avoid storing personal belongings on, or around, the furnace and vacuum regularly to reduce the amount of dust and dirt in the area.

2. Keep an eye on your thermostat
Set the thermostat inside your home or workplace to a moderate temperature that everyone can agree on, and avoid turning it to extremes. Many people think they’ll save money by turning the heating off when they’re not at home, but in freezing conditions, the extreme dip in temperature can actually be quite hard on your furnace and may even increase your energy bills.

3. Change your filter
Change the air filter on your furnace at least twice a year—once at the start of winter and then again once winter is over. Changing the filter will help you keep dust and airborne allergens from entering the furnace and contaminating the air inside your home. If someone in your family suffers from a respiratory illness or allergies, then you may want to change the filters more frequently.

4. Have your ducts cleaned
Air ducts and vents can fill up with dust and debris that can get sucked into your heating and air conditioning system which can clog your furnace’s air filters and damage your system over time. Vacuum your ducts and vents, or consider having your ducts professionally cleaned.

5. Schedule routine maintenance
Routine maintenance can help you keep your furnace operating at its best, year after year. Not only does regular maintenance prolong the life of your furnace, but when it’s running at optimal efficiency, you’ll also enjoy lower energy costs.

When you let Clement Marchand Natural Gas Services take care of your residential or commercial furnace maintenance, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe and your equipment is running at a high level of efficiency. You’ll even enjoy priority service in the event of an emergency. For more than 40 years Clement Marchand, has provided professional furnace repair to Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, or to schedule a maintenance visit.

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