XL14c Gas/Electric Package Unit

Packaged System

The XL14c gas/electric HVAC system delivers exceptional heating and cooling all while operating quietly and efficiently. With durable components assembled into one cabinet, this gas/electric HVAC system is designed to meet all of your home heating and cooling needs.

Every gas/electric HVAC system is designed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your unit will provide total comfort your family can rely on. The XL14c packaged gas/electric

system includes:

• Durable Climatuff® compressor
• State-of-the-art fan system
• Variable-speed Vortica™ blower motor
• Ultra-quiet operation
• Stainless steel heat exchanger and burners
• Two-stage gas heat
• Heavy gauge, two-tone powder-painted cabinet
• Increased dehumidification with Comfort-R™
• Advance airflow system for quiet and efficient outdoor operation
• Functional louvers with rounded corner guards for added safety
• All-aluminum Spine Fin™ coil
• Durable Weather-Beater™ top